College Algebra

Horseshoe Bend School District #73

College Algebra 143

Course Overview/Description:

This is a one semester, dual credit course where students can earn 3 credits from CWI.

This course covers linear, quadratic, polynomial, parametric, rational, exponential, and logarithmic function and the relationship between graphs and their equations. Multiple strategies for solving and interpreting equations will be emphasized. Conic sections, variation equation, radical equations, inverse, and composition functions will also be introduced.

Adopted Materials:

Addison-Westly; Precalculus Mathematics a graphing approach; 1994

Supplemental text: Glenco Algebra 2; 2001

First Semester Timeline

Unit 1 –Algebra Review                4 weeks

Unit 2 – Linear & Quadratic          4 weeks

Unit 3 – Polynomial& Rational      4weeks

Unit 4 – Exponential & Log           3 weeks

Unit 5- Conic Sections &Variation 2 weeks